About Meeee!

Me in 2001/Me in 2014

Me in 2001/Me in 2014

I’ve never been good at this sort of thing. Talking about yourself. Bragging, while not really bragging. Saying witty things like “I’m addicted to diet coke, with a strong preference for fountain soda, and in particular, I prefer it from McDonald’s.” That’s literally the most interesting thing about me – my affinity for binge drinking diet coke.

Each time I started a new diary, I would give a biography about myself, just in case the archeologist who discovered my diary didn’t have access to my others. So here’s a small bio that I wrote about myself in Diary #3 on April 7, 2000:

I was born in London, England (and damn proud of it too) in 1985 (March 2nd). I’m not English at all (Swiss, Scottish, and Polish), but my dad was transferred from the San Francisco Bay Area to London for business. So, when I was one year old, we moved back to the Bay Area, MILL VALLEY. Oh, I loooovvveeeee Mill Valley! I love it just as much as London! There isn’t much to do here, but it is the most beautiful place in the world. The weather is perfect and the views are amazing (depending on where you are, you can see mountains, the Bay, San Francisco, Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, etc.). So I grew up there (Mill Valley), going to Edna Maguire Elementary School, Mill Valley Middle School (ohhh, original name, huh?). Then in September 1999 I started HIGH SCHOOL. Tamalpais High School (T-High!). God, I was so scared to go because there were rumors that the senior would beat you up!

And here is a little something about my character, as included in my bio in Diary #4, dated July 18, 2001:

Welcome to those of you who are reading this dramatically boring piece of writing, written by a whiny teen with no range in her vocabulary (bet you are excited to read it now!). Well, I don’t know if it will actually be tedious for certain, but it can’t get too exciting when the writer doesn’t have a social life. I mean, I have friends, who are the best people in the world, but it’s not like we go to parties (well, there is the occasional birthday party), or do drugs, or have boyfriends. Basically during our free time we do our homework, watch T.V., do homework, eat, do homework, etc… We pretty much stay at home with our respective families. So, basically you can say that I’m a dork, but a happy one. I’m perfectly content with staying in my room, which I love so much, and listening to music I enjoy. So if you want dirt and gossip of teenagers from 2001, read a different diary. It’s also important to know that I’m an only child…

Aaaaaand… not much has changed since. Instead of hanging out with my parents during my free time, I hang out with my husband and cat, Pocahontas. Instead of doing homework, I’m either working-working (adult-style) or writing. And I still watch T.V.; however, unlike high school, I’m now a baller and have cable, so I watch T.V. like no one’s business. I definitely still eat. A lot.

Just to fill in the dull gaps, after high school I got a degree in Environmental Studies/Economics and a degree in Politics from University of California, Santa Cruz. After college, I started to work as an environmental consultant writing boring government documents that would put even the most hyperactive child into a deep sleep. I married my college sweetheart and now we live in the suburbs (on a cul-du-sac, for heaven’s sake!), still in the Bay Area, but not in my beloved hometown of Mill Valley. Since we have no children, Pocahontas has her own room and a closet full of cat clothes (she and my husband hate them). To keep myself occupied and away from my desired hobby of photographing cats in dresses, I write, both professionally and personally. I’m actually ridiculously addicted to writing. Pocahontas is grateful for this blog.

Passion #2: Photographing angry cats in silly outfits

Passion #2: Photographing sassy cats in silly outfits


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